I would class both of the following leading individuals of Coinweb as 'superstars' in their own rights. Both have a deep understanding of how networks operate and have many past experiences investing and building successful companies some have which have been already in crypto. This is definitely a leadership team I would trust to build my project.

Toby Gilbert (CEO) – He replaced the original co-founder of Coinweb, Jan Petter Janssen as CEO in 2018. In the past he has a proven track record of founding new start-ups, including having successfully invested in and exited three telecommunications companies operating in Europe, Africa and Asia and he also invested and led crypto projects Blockfort and Onramp. Overall Toby has a 15 year history of successfully leading, developing and exiting companies in the telecoms, tech and crypto making him a more than ideal candidate to be in charge of Coinweb.


Knut Arne Vinger (CTO & Co-Founder) – has been a tech pioneer developing and launching successful mobile apps such as one of the first online mobile slot machines. He was also one of the early adopters of digital currencies and has also worked extensively in telecommunications as CTO of Nouvel Air Group Inc. Knut is clearly a very smart individual and he has work which has been published by NASA and the US Dept. of Defence to back this up. He has also worked closely with CEO, Toby in the past on the Blockfort and OnRamp platforms, with Knut being the technical architect of both of these projects. With nearly 20 years of experience as a CTO Knut is one of the most capable CTO’s I have seen around.

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