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Coinweb Just Launched Their Beta Mainnet

I've been following Coinweb for a long time and it looks like there's a lot of exciting things happening now. Show More


I have revised the rating from 2 to 4 stars, based on feedback from project (see comments below). Show More


I've made a CWEB progress update not long ago about Coinweb launching it's beta mainnet and a $10M fund for developer grants. Show More


Coinweb wants to unify blockchains and connect them to the real world.

Although many other projects aim to solve the same problem, Coinweb uses its native $CWEB token as a common denominator to achieve interoperability between different blockchains. Show More


I give the CoinWeb community FOUR stars.

  • Telegram group has over 17K followers, but the activity level is low. Show More

Telegram & Twitter done perfectly, the rest not so much..

I would rate the Coinweb community 4 stars overall. Show More

Coinweb is looking to build a decentralised cloud that anyone can use, which connects existing and new blockchains together - reminds me of a Layer Zero for cross chain compatibility. Show More


Coinweb is the true interoperability platform people should be watching, and it is positioning itself to take the industry by storm. Show More

I see crypto continuing to mushroom into a complex set of highly specialized chains, and such cross chain compatibility is key to maintaining a functional and thriving economy. Show More

Cross-chain Computation Platform

Confusing website, but great lightpaper and a lot of interesting stuff if you dig deeper. Show More

  • Telegram: Extremely active with genuine project discussions
  • Twitter: Average
  • YouTube: Show More


  • Good usage data on the main page
  • Great lightpaper that's easy to understand and has great animations
  • Great introduction video that explains their technology in detail

Show More

"Cross-Chain computation platform".

Coinweb has a very unique and interesting approach to solving several of blockchain's biggest problems. Show More

The Layer 2 realm is witnessing exciting advancements and innovations, and Coinweb has been a part of this landscape since 2017. Show More

I am the marketing director at L2 cross-chain platform ($CWEB).

Coinweb is building a suite of products (Wallet, Tokenization, DEX) that will run on our L2 - which is not a blockchain, but aims to solve scalability and interoperability from first principles. Show More


A great review by analyst rekt has been conducted on the overall aspects of the technology of Coinweb. Show More


I would class both of the following leading individuals of Coinweb as 'superstars' in their own rights. Show More

Creating advanced decentralized applications that can compete with platforms like Netflix or Instagram is a significant challenge due to the exponential increase in processing power required. Show More


CoinWeb has been around since 2017, which has allowed them to get pretty far along with their tech. Show More


Overall Coinweb has a polished website and presents professionally, with regular updates and plenty of materials that offers both a good introduction for beginners as well as resources for people who want to dive deeper and fully understand their technology. Show More

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