A great review by analyst rekt has been conducted on the overall aspects of the technology of Coinweb. In this review I'd like to focus on LinkMint (img1).

Protocol solution

Coinweb's layer 2 protocol solution allows dApps to easily switch between different chains as needed (img2). This approach ensures scalability, allows different blockchains to work together, and keeps the underlying layer 1 blockchain secure.

Flexible and reliable

With LinkMint, Coinweb emphasizes the adoption of technology and improving interactions with consumers through their tokenization platform. CEO Toby Gilbert mentions that they have extensively tested cross-chain tokens for several years, specifically focusing on tracking data between organizations and splitting real estate ownership. The system is designed to actively support each specific use case, making it easier for clients to develop and collaborate on customized implementations.

In the end, cross-chain tokens will be available on exchanges that support multiple blockchains (img3). Platform users will have the flexibility to create their token contracts on one or more of these blockchains, with the ability to customize features such as creating new tokens, destroying tokens, and controlling who can access them (whitelisting).

Almost there..

Coinweb's layer 2 protocol gives dApps the freedom to switch between different chains as needed. We recently came across a similar project called Brickken. However, Brickken claims to address legal considerations related to tokenization, whereas Coinweb does not. This particular aspect is highly significant in the long run, which is why I'm giving it 4 stars instead of five. Show Less

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