I have revised the rating from 2 to 4 stars, based on feedback from project (see comments below). Since this review is now over 1 year old I will write a new updated review soon and archive this one.

Thank you Anton for the updated info...

Sleeping Giant or Time Bomb?

I must give this a TWO and play it more conservative.

This token is difficult to assess, and I hope this review will encourage discussion within the community as one person's warning sign may be another person's reason to invest.

Here is my biggest concern and that of many others...

86% of the tokens (6.6 billion tokens) are in one wallet (Smart Contract)👀❗️

There is a lot of FUD about this in the community channels, and here are my concerns when I see how the team addresses this:

  1. These tokens are "Company Reserves." This would be fine, except that it only accounts for 38.4% of the tokens based on the published Tokenomics.

  2. These are also Founder & Team + Advisor tokens that have never been claimed. That's another 18%, including advisors who likely claimed some tokens. Now we're at 56.4%.

  3. These are also Mining Reserves. Add another 21.9%, neglecting any mined tokens, and we now have a total of 78.3%.

This still leaves a gap of almost 8% or over half a billion tokens. That doesn't add up to me.

  1. Forget the math for a minute. I mainly don't feel comfortable with them explaining that it's a "good thing" that no one on the team has claimed the tokens because they don't need to, and "trust us," we don't need to sell.

That kind of trust is hard to come by in this space so I won't be trustful.

I hope some of the readers of this review will offer some challenges (or agree with me) in the comments.

I look forward to the conversation and am always open to having someone change my mind. I will be happy to come back and edit my review.

Link to the published Tokenomics https://coinweb.io/files/Tokenomics.pdf Show Less

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