For full transparency I have to give buy a 5* as I already brought my stake in Common Wealth by purchasing some of their Genesis 2 NFT’s whilst performing my review analysis.

What sets Common Wealth apart for me as a buy is the aspect of owning equity and reaping the rewards of actual profits from the company's success. Unlike pretty much all current cryptocurrencies, which often serve for just purely speculative purposes, Common Wealth's NFTs actually offer a tangible benefit. I hate to just buy a token and hold it long term if it offers me no benefits except pure speculation purposes, so this was one of the biggest motivations for me to buy this NFT.

By acquiring my Genesis 2 NFT, I will also receive $WLTH tokens at TGE, as well as a share of the company's profits for as long as I hold the NFT. Additionally, I can currently stake my NFT until the TGE to earn extra tokens. The value I receive from the Genesis 2 NFT makes it seem a fantastic investment in my opinion.

I love the project’s true circular tokenomics, I love the idea behind the problem Common Wealth are aiming to solve, I believe this approach helps solve long term issues which have always been faced by the average investor. By allowing them early access to promising projects that would otherwise be inaccessible until later investment rounds this brings the average investor a better seat at the table so to speak. As someone who is passionate about levelling the playing field in this rigged world we live in, this concept resonates deeply with me. Furthermore, executing this vision in the world of cryptocurrency, rather than traditional finance, makes it even more powerful.

I am eagerly looking forward to Common Wealth's TGE and I believe their project will have a significant impact on enabling the average person to invest in crypto and not feel like they are always getting screwed or not having the ability to ever get huge gains on their investments. Show Less

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