All Street, Not Wall Street. Once reserved for the rich - welcome to the Genesis of Access. We are the 99%. A powerful, all-in-one platform that makes investing in Web 3 simple.


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Normally, in a VC fund, the fund often have a 2% management fee per year on the amount of capital, which is the case here, although it is capped to 5 years. Show More


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I will not edit my review content below as I want anyone to see my initial concerns and how the project addressed them. Show More


Things are starting to get exciting and truly heat up now with Commonwealth. They have finally created the world’s first ever Free Venture Fund with zero royalties for the 99% of us that have struggled to gain access to very early stage deal flow for new crypto projects. Show More

The "Manifesto" begins.

"What if retail investors were given the opportunity to participate in private, early-stage crypto deals, just like traditional venture capitalists?" Show More

Common Wealth is a unique investment platform that provides retail investors with an opportunity to take control of their financial future. Show More

Ever felt like in the investing world of crypto you are never able to get the best early deal, even when you try to invest with a launchpad? Show More


** Rating Has Been Edited **

I will not edit my review content below as I want anyone to see my initial concerns and how the project addressed them. Show More


Commonwealth’s tokenomics are some of the most interesting, efficient and balanced I think I have seen in crypto. Show More

It sounds pretty good idea to democratize the investment into crypto projects. I will focus on concerns only here as other reviewers have talked about the good part of the project. Show More


How Common Wealth’s technology works is firstly by their council members sourcing projects to invest in. Show More


Jeppopo has gone into great detail on some of the more notable team members of Common Wealth (Tony, Alan, Kyle and Tim), but I would also like to take a look into the rest of the team that are equally important and covers the Marketing leads and Investment Professionals across both TradFi and Crypto industries, which is strongly in line with the product and platform that they are offering. Show More


Most of the time we see tokenomics that run on either a single, or dual-token model with one for utility and one for governance. Show More


‘'What if retail investors were invited to the same private, early-stage sale crypto deals as traditional venture capitalists?’’ – Common Wealth

Show More


Common Wealth has taken a unique approach by operating in stealth mode during its initial stages, and I would say this has proven advantageous for the project. Show More

I like it as well. I'm trying to understand the difference between this project and a launchpad, is there a difference? Show More

What is Common Wealth? "Investment as a service."

By building investment funds on-chain they open up the possibility to for everyone to participate. Show More

It's tough to say how good this platform will be without seeing some performance numbers. Show More

Common Wealth offers a distinctive investment platform that empowers retail investors to take control of their financial future. Show More


Investing in this project is as intriguing as the project, but it might seem a bit complex. Show More

Commonwealth is an investment platform using web3 technology to open early-stage crypto deals to retail investors. Show More

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