‘'What if retail investors were invited to the same private, early-stage sale crypto deals as traditional venture capitalists?’’ – Common Wealth

I am very excited about this project as I believe it is an extremely well thought out project which has a true necessity that is currently required in this industry. Common Wealth’s goal and value in one sentence - to give easy investing access to everyone around the world to the best crypto projects at early investment seed stages they would not usually otherwise have access to. This has the potential to be the first web3 technology that actually gets used by the masses and I for sure will be one of those using the platform once it is up and running.

The idea behind Common Wealth is to create a world where everyone has access to the same investment opportunities no matter what country your from, what your background is, how much money you have or who you know.

In a financial world that until now has been unfair and tilted in the favour towards those with lots of money and their own personal industry connections - meaning only a small, very select few have the edge over the other 99% of all others.

Common Wealth is trying their best to change this with their own investment platform that is for literally everyone. This project will provide an ‘all access’’ pass for retail investors to get opportunities they would not normally ever have access to in the traditional world of investing. With this platform they aim to create a great community of like-minded people, where everyone can help provide each other with wisdom and education so the community can increase their knowledge and in turn their overall standards of investments as a whole.

One amazing feature of Common Wealth’s project which really stands out to me is their token economy. This token economy attempts to be revolutionary by forming a truly circular protocol where all value which is accrued to the protocol is redistributed to the community. I have not seen this type of model executed before in the crypto world and I am very eager to see it attempted.

Ultimately if Common Wealth execute their idea as intended by using web3 principles and technology the traditional, I would say out dated, centralised venture capital investment model will be truly disrupted once and for all. Show Less

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