It's tough to say how good this platform will be without seeing some performance numbers. But the idea is great.

The real money in crypto nowadays really is in early stage investing. So if they can deliver solid early stage deals, then this could be a great platform. On top of that, investors can fractionalize their investment and sell part of it at any time. This is fantastic because many times in early stage deals, investors are not allowed to sell during an initial lock-up period.

On the downside, this could lead to over speculation.

My biggest doubt about this project is if they will actually be providing early stage deals, or if this will be a platform for project insiders to cash out quickly. I have a feeling that it will be the latter. But I hope I'm wrong.

A couple of funny things that I noticed...

  1. They say that they are building a secure system, but they are on Ethereum, an open, public blockchain.
  2. They are apparently a community of graffiti artists (see picture). Probably not the best marketing image.

But seriously, this could be one to watch. Show Less

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