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Cosmos as its name states has a gigantic vision and an inspiring mission.

The more I researched the project, the more i was compelled to spare more time to go deeper into its ecosystem.

In the beginning there was a Video.

2 min video is so well explained communicating the core value of the project tracing back to the genesis of Bitcoin and evolution to smart contracts and where Cosmos fits in is incredibly great job, a true manifestation of both strategic thinking with a user/developer in mind and my favourite — Storytelling about the Internet of Blockchains.

Twitter and infrastructure:

Given the scope and magnitude of the project it has not only meaningful, educational and jaw opening content, it is full of insights with superb graphics showcasing their supremacy which inspires both tech and business people in WEB3.

Twitter also acts as a catalyst in supporting their ecosystem based entities, partners, and new ecosystem builders tagging them by their names accompanied by AMAs session and the same content acts as an extension in medium which is great SEO strategy.

No wonder why twitter has 500K+ followers and is insanely active which is quite rare and not driven by any influencers or thought leaders, it`s all about community (From community, by community, for community)

Medium and Contributors

Cosmos uses my favourite approach in enriching their page with content.

They have included dozens of writers, tech and business, ecosystem contributors and watchdogs all of whom come together sharing content constantly feeding with insights, updates, developments and grants.

Not to mention eye pleasing branding, structure and consistency, great consistency and strategic content ideas to learn from, kudos and bravo

Telegram, Discord and initial Frustration:

I was not only surprised activities that were not as aspiring/inspiring as on medium and twitter and simply could not fathom what may have gone wrong or why Telegram and Discord were not given rightful attention that they deserve.

Telegram is simply chattery box for fans and those interested in the project and the same applies to discord, not to ruin mojo i hope Cosmos Digital marketing/Social media team will someday pay needful attention to recalibrate their strategy on that front.

I am still very much fascinated by the ecosystem, achievements, twitter and medium content Show Less

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