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Cosmos supply is inflationary (supply does increase based on amount of staked ATOM). Currently the demand for ATOM is mainly driven by stakers and validators, both of which buy ATOM in order to earn more than they spend, so I personally don't see a sustainable economic model there. More

In order to determine whether or not we should buy ATOM, we first need to understand the landscape of possible growth for this project in the future. More

The team is actively developing the idea of interchain security, which will make it even easier for anyone to create their own blockchain within the Cosmos ecosystem. More

Ethan Buchman, the CTO, is probably the smartest most knowledgeable person I've met in crypto, and a lot easier to talk with than Vitalik. More

Cosmos is considered a promising project in the cryptocurrency space due to its suite of developer-friendly tools. More

Cosmos is one of the best framework that I know of to create entirely new layer1 blockchains. More

This is a great project idea overall. Cosmos seeks to become the hub through which all blockchains can transact data and coins/tokens. More

Cosmos as its name states has a gigantic vision and an inspiring mission.

The more I researched the project, the more i was compelled to spare more time to go deeper into its ecosystem. More

Strong and large community of Cosmos plays a big role in its success. The large number of Telegram users (20,000) and Twitter followers (497,000) is a testament to the size of the community and their level of engagement. More

The token itself is not used to pay transaction fees for using the hub as in other blockchains, which means that users do not have to buy a cosmos token to use it. More


  • They have a good intro video
  • They have lots of third party content made about them, which is much better than their own content. More

I was expecting a lot more active for such a high profile project.

  • Telegram. Quite active, but I've seen many projects in the top 100 with a lot more activity. More

Cosmos is a clear 5 star. They are one of the only projects that have a series solution to interoperability, which is the industry's biggest challenge. More

One of the most interesting and high potential chains there is. The Cosmos IBC (inter Blockchain Communication protocol) allows any compatible chain to send and receive data. More

If price drops into the 6.60 level, that would represent a good area of value.

This is fundamentally a solid project, so it's just a matter of finding a good technical area on the char to buy. More

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