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Finally an actual project I'm bullish about when it comes to decentralizing data storage. CRU decentralizes the concept of cloud storage, cutting costs, while providing a more secure and transparent solution about how data is stored and managed, compared to centralized data storage entities.

The first thing that caught my eye when going thru the whitepaper was their MPOW and GPOS consensus mechanism. Your typical Joe might just start going "LOL WTF?" but their consensus mechanism essentially just ensures that network participants contributing their disk storage space are rewarded accordingly thru POW and POS approaches. And I'm not gonna lie but the tokenomics and metrics - decreasing rate of inflation, combined with the utility for CRU within its own ecosystem? 5 stars from me.

While decentralization means no more single controlling entity yay, but could you really trust random folks on the Internet with your data? Cryptographic measures are implemented to safeguard data, so it's not like Joe can sneak a peek, but there might still be vulnerabilities to address, and trust in a decentralized system doesn't come overnight. But idea perspective? I'm bullish on its potential. Show Less

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