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Getting back to some 'new old things' that I love researching, there are Privacy projects and in my opinion, they're maturing.


First of all, I recommend watching theses videos if you want to understand a little more 1 - Stunning video made by Rekt in 2022 2 - Full explanation with examples from the coder of DarkFi Rachel-Rose

The future of finance, starting with the acceptance that the future is bright and regulators won't abuse their power , referring to the SolarPunk Utopic way to see things. While the oposite is LunarPunk, a dystopian/authoritarian view of what is coming for crypto, keeping the Status Quo of Governments, Central Banks etc. Dark Finance is a Lunar Punk born type of Decentralized Finance that branches to Regulated DeFi (RegFi) and Dark Finance.


The DarkFi Project is a Layer1 privacy blockchain that intends to work with "smart contract architecture includes a simple ZK assembly language, zkVM and a WASM runtime. The DarkFi testnet comes packaged with demo applications built with this tooling: transfers, swaps and DAOs, all completely anonymous."

So, it's exactly as a Secret Network on steroids, so you'll be able to build with privacy a wide arrange of native and wrapped tokens. Darkfi is still in early stage+ p2p and require coding skills to use for now.

I'll keep you posted.

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