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#On-Chain Activity

I’ve personally used DeBank for quite some time now, it has been my go-to for visualizing all my assets across multiple chains and tracking multiple addresses. This is especially useful when farming for airdrops, since sometimes the newer protocols don’t even properly display what I have in their liquidity pools (Mute, Pika, Radiant, etc.) - but DeBank does.

That’s valuable for me, and we haven’t even touched upon their added features:

  1. Following Notable Addresses (I recommend 2lambroz.eth, and check out some successful airdrop farmers)
  2. Direct messaging for a fee (Hi! function)
  3. DeBank’s upcoming L2 network

Minting a web3ID on DeBank is almost $100, but there is a limit of 100k mints available. Choice is yours.

Then, I found out that Rabby Wallet is also by the same people. I happily ditched MM for Rabby Wallet ages ago, for all of its features, security warnings, and seamless integration as an injected browser extension. For mobile wallets, I ditched MM for Zerion (I digress).

Learning that these two products were created by the same people, DeBank and Rabby, and were each able to independently retain me as a user earns them the 5th star for me! Show Less


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Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

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