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DeBank, founded in July 2019, is best known as a dashboard for tracking Web3 portfolios, including data and analytics similar to DefiLlama. With a premium subscription you can also get full access to the 'whale tracking' feature to see what the big movers are doing on-chain.

The project later (28 April 2023) introduced 'DeBank Stream', a social feed that awards points every time a user makes a contribution to the platform. On DeBank Stream, every post you publish or read and every comment and repost are calculated as value contributions and credited to you in points, with tokens coming in the future (right now rewards are issued in stablecoins and DeBank points). By connecting to the platform via a wallet, the platform can verify you as a user of Web3 and connect you with other verified users who are signed up to the app.

Most recently (11 August 2023), DeBank introduced 'DeBank Chain,' a new layer-2 blockchain built on Optimism’s OP Stack, making it the latest entrant into the Ethereum L2 rollup space. It has launched the testnet of its layer-2 network with plans to roll out the mainnet in 2024. The project states that the main concerns it wants to address are: "minimizing gas costs, offering a native Account-Abstraction-like experience, and ensuring the safety of L1 assets".

As of now, the testnet ( can be accessed via the Rabby wallet ( using a built-in gas faucet. Of course many people are now anticipating an airdrop so are flocking to try out the testnet.

I think this project could really contribute positively to the narrative of social engagement, which could be really big in the next bull run. It's also great to see the project expanding in a number of different directions, setting DeBank apart from its competitors. I am very interested to see what happens with this project in the near future and once the token is launched.

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