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This is not a negative review of DeBank's product. I think the concept is forward-thinking, and the UI is smooth and frictionless. Overall, the product quality itself stands head and shoulders above the rest. But the one thing it lacks is any hype or momentum, and the SoFi component is not good. DeBank has been around for awhile (I created my account in March 2022), starting as a simple portfolio tracker with a profile and ability to follow others. Nothing special.

Then, earlier this year, they made the very first attempts, god bless 'em, at merging DeFi with Social Media and lowkey inventing SoFi before and the rest of the twitter forks pushed the concept in a different direction, but with products more familiar formwise. It was exciting, at first.

I found DeBank's social media UX at odds with its portfolio UI--clunky, inexplicably hard to navigate (but it looks great!), and a whole bunch of rules about how many posts you get to send in a day, how much it costs to send it, how much it costs for someone to send a message to you. Not to mention the feed, full of anons and numbers, looks more like a CoinMarketCap comment section than a place to socialize. So far, I have earned $1 for messages sent to me.

Maybe it's time they do an airdrop!

tl;dr DeBank as a utility (portfolio) = dope; DeBank as a social media platform (SoFi) = wack. Show Less

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