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Twitter followers  - 62k

Telegram members - 7045 offical group; over 700 in Turkish group; 7k in announcements group.

I belong to a lot of Telegram groups (too many probably) and the Decubate group is one of very few that I check everyday. That is because, over the past three months, there has been relentless activity. I will breakdown what has been happening in the group recently:

  1. 'Guess the event' games where the Decubate team posts an obscure image and the community needs to correctly guess the project name and event in return for 10k DCB tokens.

  2. Invitations for the external project leads to come into the community for a chat. AMAs are also scheduled via Twitter spaces.

  3. Invitations to whitelist for crowdfunding events.

  4. Call outs for voting on upcoming decisions that affect the community via the DAO.

  5. Learn to earn quizzes where the community can earn free tokens while simultaneously learning more about the fundamentals of a project Decubate is working with. This really is a win-win for the project and the potential investors. Investors familiarise themselves with the project so they are more confident about what they are investing in and the project team immediately has a number of clued up investors who can more confidently spread the word about the project to their friends.

This is on top of regular (daily) communication from the CEO and other Decubate officers.

As a result, the TG group has reached over 7k members and grows each time there is a Learn to Earn event as it links Decubate to other, already existing communities.

There was a time for several months where the communication was lacking and the social media channels were dead, but things have really picked up since earlier this year. They seem to be throwing everything at the community to hype the new direction they are going in and their new features. I'm hoping they can keep up the excitement and momentum to attract a lot more community members by the end of year. It seems feasible given they are predicting to host 25+ events in 2023 so hopefully the marketing and activity will attract more people to the social media channels and ultimately the platform. Show Less

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Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

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