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For entrepreneurs, Decubate provides services to allow projects to launch, manage and grow their Web3 business including a smart contract audit from Hacken; support for all EVM chains; custom made staking platform including vesting; modules for token minting, assistance with listing on CMC and CoinGecko and soon an MM . Show More


The Decubate platform was funded through the sales of 4 rounds of funding:

  • seed: 5% of supply which is nearly all vested at this point
  • strategic: Show More

Transparency in WEB 3 is everything!

Decubate team members are on Linkedin as well as Twitter. Show More

I have been involved with Decubate since the IDO and have participated in every platform launch. Show More


As the collaboration between Decubate and Cyrator strengthens, I have come to realize the significant impact Decubate can have on the market. Show More


Great platform, great solution, great collection of services and products, let`s get deeper to elaborate why this project at this time deserves 4 stars, not 5. Show More


I could think of 4 other companies that are providing this kind of solution by putting together vetted service provider under one roof designing the friendly landing page communicating the same message, but what i specifically like about Decubate is it has connected two worlds: Show More


Since Feb 2023, Decubate has had a YTD rise of over 1,000% in three months.

Decubate's token, DCB has a lot of utility. Show More


Decubate is another launchpad on the BNB network, but with added services which makes it a one-stop-shop for projects wanting to launch. Show More


Decubate is audited by 2 primary auditors - Hacken, and Haechi Audit. In recent light of MerlinDEX being poorly audited by Certik, which did not diligently run through every code of MerlinDEX, I decided to take a closer look into Decubate's audits as well as the reputable sources regarding the audits. Show More


Its telegram that is a Undoubtful 5 star. Show More


So, it looks like Decubate is a platform that offers a lot of stuff for entrepreneurs who want to launch and manage web3 businesses. Show More

One stop solution that fits them all, this is how i describe Decubate.

A platform to providing cryptopreneurs to easily launch, manage, and grow their web3 business, products and services are quite complimentary to each other and the development of investor club collecting data of both startups as well as retail(angel) investors turns it into a compelling marketplace. Show More


Just as any other crypto project that launched in 2021, they are currently 90% from their ATHs in term of price and TVL. Show More


Decubate, headed by Elliot Hagemeijer as the CEO and Founder, comes with over 6 years of entrepreneurial background as well as 3 years of product management and token advisory. Show More

Decubate easily removes the barrier to entry for projects that are looking to launch tokens and to build their web3 businesses. Show More


Decubate's mission is to support and empower early-stage startups, and help them achieve their full potential. Show More


Twitter followers  - 62k

Telegram members - 7045 offical group; over 700 in Turkish group; 7k in announcements group. Show More


It's impressive that Decubate has already worked with over 30 web3 entrepreneurs, providing them with valuable experience. Show More


I'm from The Netherlands, and as a Dutch person, I find it particularly motivating to check out Decubate. Show More

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