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Decubate is audited by 2 primary auditors - Hacken, and Haechi Audit. In recent light of MerlinDEX being poorly audited by Certik, which did not diligently run through every code of MerlinDEX, I decided to take a closer look into Decubate's audits as well as the reputable sources regarding the audits.

Firstly, Hacken has been around since 2017, and their stats looks impressive. Being found in Kyiv, they have audited over 1,200 projects, including notable ones such as Near Protocol, Polkastarter and Kyber Network. They are also working with CoinGecko for their bug bounty program and assisted Binance on their Proof of Reserve Updates. The credibility shown by Hacken gives me confidence that Decubate is a project that has been diligently and thoroughly ran through, and the coding team has done their absolute best.

Next, Haechi Audit, ran by Haechi Labs, was founded in 2020 and has audited over 500 projects, including notable ones such as Sandbox, 1inch, Klaytn and BadgerDAO. They are also actively in the space of onboarding traditional companies into Web3, recently partnering with IT Giants Line to create web3 social accounts.

Such credible auditing partners with Decubate gives me confidence in interacting with the project, especially with the ability to allow founders to launch and manage their web3 businesses. Show Less


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