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Dopex - Two Tokens… Solid Model With a Few Flaws

DPX with MC of 93M is down about 90% from ATH of $4215 🤯 but only up about 3x from ATL of $88. Side note: I love to see this relationship between ATH & ATL when considering buying, as long as there are signs of possible recovery.

RDPX, with an MC of 66M, is also down big at 84% from ATH of $315 but is up significantly 26x from ATL of $1.78. So, contrary to the DPX token, this being up 26x would not be on my buy radar but is a sign of life for DPX above.

I will not be covering RDPX here as it is already being migrated to v2, which Tamaz covered in his #tokenomics review which I suggest you give a read.

I like the DPX as it has a fixed supply of 500K and is the governance token of the ecosystem. It also has other solid use cases/utilities such as staking, trading collateral (as a margin asset), and rewards for liquidity providers.

I’m not too crazy about tokenomics when I see Founder/Team Tokens (20% in this case) staked in the liquidity pools and stealing rewards from the community. So, while it is not completely uncommon, it does knock a star off my score.

Also, not a fan when I see early investors (11% in this case) getting tokens of very short vesting (only 6 months in this case). I would knock them another star here, but the damage is done, and the tokens are already in circulation. Maybe that's why DPX took such a hard hit over the crypto winter compared to RDPX and has yet to recover as RDPX has.

The last point I will make in favor of DPX is that the 243K Hodlers (a BIG number for the fixed supply of 500K) are very decentralized, so the governance of this project should be pretty fair. Show Less


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