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Dymension is built with a Modular structure, with distinct components interconnected through Tendermint Core. This approach offers numerous choices for RollApp developers, allowing them to select their execution environment and data storage location. As a result, RollApps can achieve high-speed execution at an extremely low cost.

RollApps can develop their execution environments, such as EVMOS EVM - EVM smart contracts developed by the EVMOS team, Polaris EVM - EVM smart contracts developed by the Berachain team, or CosmWasm - a Wasm framework developed by contributors to Confio and Cosmos.

RollApp functions as a Layer 2 using Optimistic Rollup technology, implementing Fraud Proof to verify transactions. In this regard, RollApp is similar to Layer 2 solutions like Optimism or Arbitrum, where after a certain period without any complaints, the proof is considered valid by default.

RollApp tokens are used to pay for its network fees, made possible through the AMM on the Dymension Hub. This AMM provides liquidity for converting payment tokens or even supporting cross-asset swaps.

The AMM offers liquidity for on-chain payments and cross-chain asset transfers. Any dApps on RollApp can easily integrate this AMM to provide liquidity and support transactions within the application chain. Show Less

Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

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