Dymension DYM

Blockchain Network For RollApps

Dymension is a network of easily deployable and lightning fast modular blockchains called RollApps.

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Dymension seems to have split the perceived un-splittable!

Heard of RollApps before? Me neither until I learned about Dymension. More

The websites and documents don't adequately clarify why I, as a developer, should opt to build my blockchain with Dymension rather than using Cosmos Hub. More

Move aside rollups, it's time for RollApps! Dymension provides scaling options that completely unlocks Cosmos's potential via opening up vertical scaling - and allowing for rollups to be deployed on top of existing applications. More

Who doesn't want lightning-fast apps (RollApps)? With Dymension, you can learn, validate (run a node), and build, making it an appealing option for developers. More

Dymension is built with a Modular structure, with distinct components interconnected through Tendermint Core. More

Dymension is a Modular Blockchain created to address the limitations of Monolithic Blockchains. More

As a competitor to Cosmos/Atom, I'd be interested to see what makes it different? Maybe the simplicity? More

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