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People who are into Ethereum don't just belong to a community, they're part of a subculture.

In nearly every city in the world, every month (or week, depending on where you live), you will be able to take part in an Ethereum event. Some events are massive, like EthereumSP 2023 in Sao Paulo - a four-day event tailored for the Brazilian Web3 community. There, participants will have free access to advanced workshops, bootcamps, and an international Hackathon. Or maybe you're more interested in attending a smaller event. There are hundreds of local meet-ups, training events and talks, where people can gather with like-minded individuals and wax lyrical about all things Ethereum.

Then there is the Ethereum Foundation with its 3 million (3 million!) Twitter followers; 63k YouTube subscribers with 1.5k uploaded videos and 38k in the Discord family. These are serious numbers and only represent a fraction of those who are invested in or generally interested in the project, including massive financial institutions around the world.

Perhaps you are working for or with Ethereum or contributing to the ecosystem in some way? You might want to join the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians. Or maybe you're able to offer project management support to the development of Ethereum. Join the Ethereum Cat Herders. If you want to learn more about Ethereum and its use cases, you can sign up to Web3 university. You can also apply for grants or do open research with the foundation. The possibilities really are endless.

Whatever aspect you are interested in finding out more about -financial, development, trends, staking, trading - there is a group for that. Projects can absolutely be made or broken on the basis of how committed their followers are and since I don't see the number of Ethereum enthusiasts going away anytime soon, I have faith in the longevity and success of Ethereum. Show Less


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Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

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