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One of the biggest questions within the crypto community and noobs always ask me is which should I buy ETH or BTC? Show More


Ethereum has given humanity the ability to manifest their individual ideals of financial freedom. Show More


Vitalik Buterin unveils the New Ethereum Roadmap for 2024: Here's What You Need to Know.

The updated roadmap, presented by Vitalik Buterin, the visionary co-founder of Ethereum, is particularly noteworthy and his way of presenting, makes it obvious he is no marketing expert lol. Show More

As m looking for grants lately, I've checked the Ethereum foundation that in recent years, has launched the "Next Billion Fellowship" Show More


People who are into Ethereum don't just belong to a community, they're part of a subculture.

In nearly every city in the world, every month (or week, depending on where you live), you will be able to take part in an Ethereum event. Show More

Ethereum (ETH): Merging Analysis with My First Crypto Experience

The very first crypto I purchased was Ethereum (ETH), a milestone that marked my initiation into the world of cryptocurrencies. Show More


Ethereum was built to draw value away from BTC and enrich the insiders. When this become obvious to the crypto community, it will be a blow up that's bigger than Mt. Show More


Ethereum powers more than 90% of dApps on the market. With the recent migration to PoS, and the upcoming upgrade to reduce transaction fees. Show More

Ethereum's pioneering role in hosting smart contracts + dApps ushered in the next step of blockchain evolution, resembling Coca Cola's dominance in the cola drink market. Show More

Ethereum was the first of many that would try to utilize smart contracs on-chain and tried to position themselves as the Money of blockchain. Show More


With only about 4 days left until the Ethereum Decun upgrade is officially implemented following successful testing on various testnets. Show More

I don't know how long will ETH be the center for EVM (meaning i don't know if it will be always a ETH progress post or a EVM blog post towards new standards. Show More


Metamask, a leading cryptocurrency wallet, has recently announced a new feature in collaboration with ConsenSys Staking, enabling users to stake Ethereum as a validator node on the Ethereum network. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

I see that Ethereum's performance, regulatory developments, and market dynamics paint a promising picture for the potential approval of an ETH ETF. Show More

The project derived from playing a game and not being able to have ownership of the sword that Vitalik described and the quest that later led to the development of Ethereum, one of the great inventions of the 21st century. Show More

ETH is the second most well-known coin after Bitcoin, so it will probably lead the pack in at least the next couple of bull markets. Show More

Ethereum is expected to follow Bitcoin in the coming weeks, because we're in a decision point. Show More

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