Well you know a game is decent when you go to give it a try and you end up spending over an hour playing it! lol.

I think it is an interesting concept for Formacar to build on ecosystem they already have with car enthusiasts, who are a very passionate community to begin with anyway, and be able to add a fantastic game on to it, especially one that has Play-To-Earn and Drive-To-Earn mechanics that add extra incentives for players to continuously play.

The graphics are ace for a phone game but because of this be prepared for it to take a while to download, nevertheless worth the wait in my opinion.

Tokenomics at first glance seem balanced and have a long term outlook, it will be important for the project team to manage these economics for the game to succeed in the long run.

Which leads me to the question can blockchain-based racing games compete with regular racing games? In this case of Formacar Action it really appears that way. I will definitely be playing this more in some moments of down time and boredom for sure. Show Less

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