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Formacar Action is a large-scale free-to-play entertainment project in the developing GameFi industry built on a principle known as Way-to-Win,... More

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Well you know a game is decent when you go to give it a try and you end up spending over an hour playing it! Show More

I'm a gamer, but I must admit I'm not super into car racing games, either on Web2 or Web3. Show More


I think Formacar is missing out by not using the marketing possibilities.

When I review the MRs, I notice that most of them are quite enthusiastic. Show More

Formacar comes from 2014 and keeps partnering with big car companies, developing beautiful graphics and has consistence to keep in track from its roadmap, as it is since 2020. Show More

I'm not big on games, but this actually looks really good.

The game play looks good and racing games are a good use of crypto and NFTs. Show More

Formacar Crypto is the gaming arm, dedicated to developing, publishing, and promoting Web2 and Web3 gaming projects targeting mobile and desktop market segments. Show More


Navigating the Fast Lane: A Dive into Formacar Action’s Community

Star Rating: 3.5/5 ⭐⭐⭐✨

Show More

Formacar is an automotive technology company seeking to transform the car industry by making vehicles more interactive and integrated with technology, entertainment, and social connections. Show More

Formacar action is a branch of the Formacar ecosystem.

Games usually are mostly monetized thru the use of crypto and NFTs, and most lately metaverse that may very well turn into autoverse. Show More

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