Their tokenomic information is well hidden, here's a link. Why is the link to the DAO password protected?

Regarding the GNOME token. I'm not sure I understand why they need to reserve 25% of the supply to support the genetic sequencing lab, aren't this covered by the cost of the DNA test itself?? Seems like they may use this to build their own private lab, in which case then 45% of the token supply is split between that lab and their team (20%).

The LP reward is composed of 50% of the supply, that's kind of interesting since it's a good way to distribute the supply in the community over time. However, I would prefer to see a dynamic release schedule that is based on market adoption. On the other hand, the release schedule is exponentially decreasing but is that how market adoption will follow? Movies, and entertainment products often have a large market adoption early and then fade away over time. In this case they created a release schedule that kinda match that behaviour, but tech companies usually have exponential growth. So, that's a mismatch to me.

The price chart is not super healthy, maybe it will get better once the initial top heavy release schedule is gone through, so maybe another year of struggle before it starts to pick up.

Regarding the $GENE token. The price chart is seeing an uptick so that's interesting. They say that stacking $GENE is the only way to get $GNOME, but that seems inaccurate given that pre-seed investors of $GNOME were able to buy.

At this point, I'd want to know what is the current income level, and reward ratio. How much passive income users are getting? However, I'm not ready to commit the time to find out at this point, but this is where I would investigate if I was planning to invest in their economy. I like the concept, but I was severely turned off by the password protected DAO link, and the lack of direct link to the tokenomics.

I have edited my review with information provided by my fellow analyst, however my rating is not changing based on the information I have reviewed. I would love nothing more than being proven wrong since I like the concept. Show Less

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