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Ever heard of De-Sci? Decentralized Science (De-Sci)

Real practical application of blockchain ledger technology applied to scientific data to provide: Show More


GenomesDAO was a project that came up several months ago and I believe it deserves renewed attention for several compelling reasons. Show More


The ecosystem comprises two tokens: GENE, the primary utility token, and GNOME, strictly for governance in the GenomesDAO. Show More

Several red flags have been identified that require attention with regard to the project. Show More

I like these projects that are different. Genetic data has value now, and possibly a lot more in the future. Show More

After becoming intrigued by GENE reviews, I wanted to explore the website and uncover their DNA. Show More


Within the GenomesDAO ecosystem, there are two tokens available for use.

  • The first token, $GENE, is a utility token that allows users to query the DNA vaults. Show More

WOW. The first thing that caught my attention for the project was to "Earn money from your DNA", which instantly makes me want to find out more about the project. Show More

This is an interesting concept where you can have your DNA sequenced more accurately than the leading competitors and have a unique NFT minted with your personal details. Show More

The idea of GenomesDao, which aims to merge genetics and blockchain technology through genetic NFTs, is undoubtedly innovative and has the potential to introduce new possibilities in the fields of genetics, art, and scientific collaboration. Show More


Let's dive into the technical aspects that make GEN a marvel in the crypto space.

Genetic Data Representation: Show More

Welcome to the thrilling realm of GenomesDao (GEN), where cutting-edge technology meets the fascinating world of genetics! Show More


Their tokenomic information is well hidden, here's a link. Why is the link to the DAO password protected? Show More

The practical application of blockchain technology in genomics as demonstrated by Genomes, is commendable. Show More

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