If you are looking to get leverage to trade on Decentralized Crypto Exchanges, check out Gentoo Finance. What's interesting here, is that you can take low risk by providing the leverage, or take high risk by taking that leverage to trade.

Usually market makers provide leverage on Centralized Crypto Exchanges, and at the same time they have large pools of tokens and stablecoins to push the price of tokens (supported by their leverage) either up or down into liquidation zone, so that the traders who took the leverage get wiped out. This way the market makers make money on the 90% of traders who lose money. However, in the case of Gentoo, are they getting these liquidations? That would imply they are acting as market makers and pushing the price up or down to maximize these liquidation, otherwise the 90% may not be 90% and could be 60%, or worst depending if the sample of users using Gentoo are good or not, early on, just through bad luck it could be a sample of early adopters who are great traders, and if more than 50% of the leverage traders win, is the model still making financial sense? In such case would the liquidity providers really be at low risk? Show Less

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