Gentoo Finance 

Composable Leverage Protocol

Gentoo Finance is essentially a two-sided lending marketplace: it connects users who want passive safe APY & leverage farmers who want to make more with leverage and alpha.

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If you are looking to get leverage to trade on Decentralized Crypto Exchanges, check out Gentoo Finance. More

Gentoo Finance is a decentralized leverage protocol on the BNB Chain ecosystem. It allows lenders to earn yields by supplying assets and borrowers to take leveraged positions to increase farming yields on protocols like PancakeSwap. More

I like this project. I think Gentoo Finance is really close to Gearbox as they share the same idea. More

The Current State is a 2/5 Score due to being only two-month old and lacking key components, but it's potential is Huge as the Addressable market tend to grow and there are few players. More

#IDEA 4/5 - mostly because there are other 're-staking' platforms already. The idea is basically a solution to DeFi farming beginners and experts, to acquire passive income ranging from single to multi assets versus stablecoin to degen tokens farmers, integrated with up to eight protocols. More

In my opinion, there's no such thing as a low risk investment, if it's mixed in with high risk investments. More

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