I like this project. I think Gentoo Finance is really close to Gearbox as they share the same idea. There are two different types of users: lenders who supply assets and earn a low APY, and borrowers who use leverage to farm and obtain a higher APY. Gearbox is a really cool project, and I like it, but it is currently only represented for Curve and Convex protocols. Therefore, Gentoo Finance has decided to do the same for the BNB network and its DEXes. The idea is pretty clear to me, but since Gentoo Finance is only on the testnet now, I cannot give it a 5-star rating. Additionally, I'm curious to know if it's a fork of Gearbox or not. If it's not, they need to conduct audits to protect their users.

As a regular user, I don't quite understand the incentives for lenders to supply their assets to Gentoo Finance and the Gearbox protocol, as borrowers use these assets for leverage. This means that lenders' assets have the same risk as leveraged borrowers. The biggest difference is that lenders earn a lower APY with the same risk as borrowers. So, I don't really understand who would supply assets to such protocols. Show Less

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