The GMX community is made up of individuals who are highly enthusiastic about decentralized future trading markets. In this new and rapidly growing market, the community is taking advantage of the benefits of decentralization. Despite being relatively new, the GMX community is rapidly growing and influence, as more and more individuals become interested in perpetual trading. In terms of how they organize and manage their channels, the GMX community has done a decent job. They have established clear and effective communication channels, which is crucial for a thriving community. However, there is always room for improvement, and the GMX community could benefit from further refining their organizational and management processes. As a result, I would give them a 3-star rating, indicating that they have a solid foundation but have room for growth and improvement.

Channel (Score| Stats) and Comments:

Telegram (Score: 3 | Size: 10K)

What's Good: The Telegram channel is well organized and weekly updates are delivered to the community. Trading discussion is allowed and supported by moderators.

Twitter (Score: 3 | Size: >111K)

What's Good: Twitter channel is delivering daily updates with high-value impressions and appears to have a growing community at a healthy pace. Participants are well-rewarded. The question remains, is this too good to be true or is it a perpetual trading gem platform on Avalanche and Arbitrium?

Discord (Score: | Size: <10k)

What's Good: The Discord channel has more sub-groups for questions, referral links, and more. Trading technical questions are nicely covered and explained if needed. There is a sense of support and unity while in the channel. The resources page has all the project's documentation.

Medium (Score: 2 | Size: <2K)

What Could be Better: Very little number of articles available. Nothing in 2023. Show Less

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