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The GMX community is made up of individuals who are highly enthusiastic about decentralized future trading markets. Show More

There are some special keywords when talking about GMX's operating model:

  • Liquidity pool with 0 slippage. Show More

GMX was my first DEX trading experience in Summer 2022, and along with it came what I thought was a fairly expensive lesson in how not to trade with leverage. Show More


GMX showed that sustainable revenue sharing model can exist in DeFi space so I personally believe it can be long-term model(except exploit/systemic/the whole crypto risk obv.)

Show More


GMX operate a crypto exchange where transaction fees are directly linked to the GMX token, which is vastly better than uniswap where the token is only used for governance and unlinked to financial performance of the exchange itself. Show More

In my extensive career, I've seen many platforms in the DeFi space, but GMX raises some red flags. Show More

Thanks to its unique model, the trading experience on this platform is excellent and has garnered a large user base. Show More


GMX operates on the BSC, but after successfully deploying the product on Arbitrum, the project has fully transitioned its operations to Arbitrum. Show More


The technology underpinning GMX has solidified its position as a leader in the decentralized derivatives products arena, thanks to its distinctive value proposition built on three key pillars: Show More

Imagine the possibility of earning yields while actively trading – well that's precisely what GMX offers to its users. Show More

GMX operates uniquely with its liquidity pools and oracle-based pricing, minimizing price slippage for large trades and eliminating funding rate fees for leveraged positions, offering cost-saving advantages. Show More

I would rate GMX with 4 stars. It's worth noting that the DEX market is highly competitive, with various options that may provide higher leverage, a more established user base, or a broader selection of trading pairs. Show More

In my personal opinion, GMX provides the most competitive UI/UX trading experience to CEXs as a DEX. Show More

This platform looks good. I would still have to actually try it out to give a full 5 stars, but it does have many benefits. Show More


Is it advisable to invest in the GMX token? The answer depends on your investment goals and risk tolerance in my opinion. Show More

Fast growing decentralized perpetual (futures) exchange (leverage trading). I really like this project, they do a lot of things perfectly, including great tokenomics and analytics page. Show More

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