Thanks to its unique model, the trading experience on this platform is excellent and has garnered a large user base. Additionally, the project is a leading decentralized exchange for derivatives on the Arbitrum network and has shown strong growth since its launch.

Furthermore, the project's tokenomics provide various benefits to holders. Therefore, fundamentally, this is a promising project. Moreover, I also have a preference for the Arbitrum ecosystem because it can generate trends at any time. If that happens, the project will benefit from the influx of new funds.

However, the project's model still carries the risk of attacks. For instance, in the latter half of September 2022, the project was attacked when a whale engaged in large-scale AVAX trading to manipulate prices and make a profit. Additionally, because token holders receive rewards from project revenue, there is another risk that these tokens may be considered securities by the SEC in the future, leading to legal complications. Show Less

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