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With the allocation of 20% of the tokens going to team members, advisors and partners, combined with the short time it will take for the vesting to start for early stages investors and the project team, and the ability for these early investors to claim their vesting daily, I fear these tokenomics will create significant selling pressure in the near future for the HyperCycle Token ($HYPC) and therefore early buyers will have a big head wind of sell pressure to get through initially.

However, the project has a strong team with a high likelihood of successfully executing their complex vision and if the project is completed and gains traction, the utilization and adoption of Hypercycle nodes could lead to a dramatic increase in the $HYPC token’s value over time.

I personally plan to invest in a small amount due to my belief in the team and the project’s idea, but I will be patiently waiting to see selling pressure reduce from early project participators and I will want to see more wide spread project utilization before accumulating a larger position. I will closely monitor the progress of this project throughout the future for sure though. Show Less


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Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

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