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Hypercycle is a Layer 1 blockchain network designed to supply massively scalable, low-cost infrastructure for decentralized AI, and other... More

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In a sea of blockchains popping up every other day, this project stands out. It is blockchain for decentralized AI microservices enabling new types of applications to be built. Show More

  • The first and most important, the tokenomic locked term for the team and investors is too short, which suggests that the project is geared towards selling tokens to users. Show More

I have known Toufi and Ben Goertzel since 2017. It's a serious team with large network and reputation in AI/crypto. Show More


With the allocation of 20% of the tokens going to team members, advisors and partners, combined with the short time it will take for the vesting to start for early stages investors and the project team, and the ability for these early investors to claim their vesting daily, I fear these tokenomics will create significant selling pressure in the near future for the HyperCycle Token ($HYPC) and therefore early buyers will have a big head wind of sell pressure to get through initially. Show More


HyperCycle Multi-Tokenomics ( Utility View )

In an effort to try and cover tokenomics from a different perspective, I will discuss the utility aspect of tokenomics as described in the whitepaper. Show More

HyperCycle: Accelerating AI towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

I absolutely love the concept of HyperCycle and what they hope to accomplish. Show More


[Edit] @Adrian was able to find the tokenomic information and based on his arguments, I'm lowering my tokenomic rating to 2 stars from 3 stars, but instead of re-explaining everything, I'll just link to Adrian's post.

At the moment of this review, there is no information regarding token allocation. Show More


Toufi Saliba (CEO) in short is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and blockchain technology expert. Show More

We're finally seeing a potential active and live AI Crypto product that doesnt involve just adding in buzzwords as a marketing gimmick to gain hype for the project. Show More


HyperCycle currently has 40.6k Followers on Twitter, way up from only about 17.1k followers back in 4th of May. Show More

One of the founders of HyperCycle is Dr. Ben Goertzel. This is the man who helped popularise the term 'artificial general intelligence'. Show More

In my previous review, I highlighted a red flag in the tokenomics of HyperCycle. However, there are other red flags in the team that are worth exploring. Show More


I like the idea that the core team of HyperCycle is doxxed, and it is always great to see that the team is willing to provide credentials and provide credibility on such an enormous project that they are undertaking. Show More


Whilst HyperCycle is a relatively new and novel project, it would've been great if the project was able to provide a high level overview of their planned roadmap, which I was unable to find while scouring through their website, twitter, as well as whitepaper. Show More


It can be difficult to obtain information about a project's tokenomics. In my personal experience, I joined the project's Telegram group and reviewed the pinned message to gather information. Show More


HyperCycle is aiming very high with their technology, with their ultimate goal being to create the Internet of AI by spearheading the evolution towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Show More

After conducting some research, I discovered that HyperCycle had a successful token sale, raising $7.5 million, well above their fundraising goal of $1.2 million. Show More

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