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In my previous review, I highlighted a red flag in the tokenomics of HyperCycle. However, there are other red flags in the team that are worth exploring.

Firstly, the team claims that "fig 1" is members of their team, but upon checking LinkedIn, only three people have added HyperCycle to their roles, namely Toufi Saliba - CEO, Mario Casiraghi - Tokenomic Lead, and Evan Rodenberg - CRO. It is unclear why the other team members have not added HyperCycle to their profiles (most of them are from other projects which may be investors or partners with HyperCycle as my assumption)

Secondly, even with a full team as advertised, it is unclear who is responsible for executing the project. This lack of clarity raises concerns about the project's ability to deliver on its promises.

Thirdly, the CEO, Toufi Saliba, appears to have extensive experience in AI and has been involved in numerous projects. However, some of these projects have been overrated in their marketing, such as

  •, "which claimed to bring together 870,000 AI practitioners with 280,000 blockchainers" as Toufi said, but only organized one event in 2018 with many empty slots (fig 2).
  • Similarly, the Decentralized AI Alliance has had no activity in the last three years, and
  •, another AI project, has had no activities after it started 1.5 years. It is worth noting that some members of the founding team of HyperCycle were involved in the Toda project.

Considering these factors, it is difficult to convince myself that HyperCycle is not the next failed project. While my opinion may differ from others, I stand by my review and welcome any comments or feedback. Show Less

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