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HyperCycle is aiming very high with their technology, with their ultimate goal being to create the Internet of AI by spearheading the evolution towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). The current AI model is considered 'weak AI' (or narrow AI), meaning it is is able to solve one specific problem, but lacks general cognitive abilities. Strong AI, which AGI falls under, moves us closer to an AI system that can perform multiple functions, including having what is akin to human sentience or consciousness. This is both exciting and scary and many arguments are already emerging that are warning against humans creating a system that is too sentient, lest the human race becomes redundant or under AI control.

Nevertheless, HyperCycle are pushing for a decentralised version of AGI, arguing that "if AI continues to evolve in a non-cooperative and centralized manner, it could result in either no one achieving AGI or a single entity dominating AGI." Their aim is to create a blockchain network using their new Layer 0++ infrastructure that will allow it to work across all other blockchains, designed for high-speed and inexpensive on-chain execution of microservices.

HyperCycle is using SingularityNet, Toda/IP and the data structure Earth64 to create their secure, peer-to-peer technology and are also working with companies like Google, Microsoft, Nvidia and Intel in addition to decentralised communities. They have been offering up nodes that can run locally on people's computers to help run their systems since 22 October, 2022, via and have recently paired with the Cryptopia Group who are considered the world’s premier holders of AI computation nodes, owning 21,000+ nodes alone.

This cooperation will allow more people to buy nodes (currently costing 1024 $HYPC) and participate in the beta testing phase over the next 18 months.By allow users to delegate their nodes and HYPC tokens, users will be able to earn rewards from providing AI computational services, eliminating the complexity of hardware operation and overall management.

Licenses will be issued as NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. The NFTs will allow holders to participate in the beta testing, retain the NFT as an asset, or use post-mainnet launch. Cryptopia will also conduct regular sales for nodes, with licenses priced at $96 each.

Whether or not you choose to buy and run a node should be decided after doing your own research. From a monetary point of view, you could get a good return on your investment. From an ethical perspective, you could also be contributing to the fall of humanity. Probably not -and not for a long time anyway - but you never know!

Either way, I've given 5 stars for the technology because I don't think there is another Web3 company with quite the same technical know-how and backing that HyperCycle has. If anyone pull of getting the Internet of AI up and running, I would firmly place my bets on them.

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