Completely free and open internet to anyone, without limitations to only data. Sounds good, but it has its downsides.

The team (partly in picture 1) behind ICP is Dfinity, founded by Dominic Williams in 2015. They've been working on the ICP project that wants to host infinite apps and smart contracts. It will be the first blockchain-based solution running at web speed with the ability to increase capacity infinitely.

Golden Circle style:


Dfinity wants to take back control from the tech giants that dominate the internet to take control back into the hands of the users. (image 2).


Independent data centers that allow apps to run right on the network.


Blockchain-based cloud computing will form the basis of the next gen decentralized internet.

A downside is that it's nearly impossible to hold the app developers accountable. If there’s illegal or abusive content being hosted, how would you get it removed if no one has access to doing so besides the developer – who could remain anonymous. The solution to that is a decentralized internet. It will also lead to decentralized governance where the developers are able to decide how everything will be regulated. Show Less

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