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I think Internet Computer uses a more unique tokenomics approach then most people realize. Show More


I am personally not overly impressed with the strength of the ICP community, hence only two stars. Show More

This sounds like a blockchain built for adoption!

Their reverse gas fee structure allows the dApp to pay for the users gas fees, which creates an opportunity for connection without requiring an actual wallet, tokens. Show More

Introducing the Internet Computer Project (ICP), a revolutionary initiative by Dfinity, a team led by Dominic Williams, founded in 2015. Show More

ICP has the potential to revolutionize the entire internet system and if this project can come close to realizing its ambitions I would expect ICP to emerge as one of the most exceedingly valuable cryptocurrency's in the future. Show More

This is another project claiming to be decentralized, for the people, etc...but it's not. Show More

Completely free and open internet to anyone, without limitations to only data. Sounds good, but it has its downsides. Show More


There is something very unique about ICP that I never seen in any other projects. You can run the entire tech stack including the interface layer on blockchain... Show More


I would like to dedicate this review in the "community" category to talk about ICP's support for its community rather than to discuss ICP's community itself. Show More


Viva la Decentralized

Unlike the traditional Internet Protocol (IP) that merely moves data, ICP lets software platforms roam freely. Show More


Cyrator’s current micro reviews highlight well why ICP is a project which has solid fundamentals, however in this review I aim to shed light on the potential intriguing storey its current price action and technical aspects are telling me. Show More

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