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On the crossroads of WEB 2 and WEB 3.

ITEZ is built for less experienced or rather newbies that want to get into crypto and yet sceptical about the idea of cryptocurrency.

Seems like team is working on 2 different fronts:

B2C: Itez is trying to accelerate the adoption or penetration of crypto and acting as a gateway into the space, Europe based startup has security and legal compliance, and yet i seem to have failed to find any bounty programs to hack the platform, since it has API solution for 3rd party, it is highly important to check security against any exploits/hacks, industry is full of examples.

It has scores both direct and indirect competitors, curious how team is going to achieve the user conversion using their app.

B2B: Just like Stripe revolutionized the payment, Itez is trying to follow the same drill, it has doznes of partnerships listed on the website, but how many of them are security compliant and care about security?

I assume Itez is also trying to convince or make the case for online merchants to integrate its solution allowing end user to purchase anything using crypto... how realistic, in 2024?

Alibaba made a revolution in China back in 1995, it took them almost 5 years, lots of VC capital, army of employees and partners to convert both Chinese merchants, users, to start using Alibaba (not to mention tough domestic and global competition), not sure if Itez has the same or remotely close resources, and yet i like the idea and incentives. Show Less

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