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Macro to Crypto - 5.8.24 - Taiamã Demaman 1/3

1 - Macro <- 2 - Cryptocurrency Market Analysis - Consolidation Phase 3 - Short-term Market Monitoring - Future Markets and Liquidations

Macro Overview

  • Hamas accepts ceasefire in Gaza 🕊️
  • Macron seeks trade concessions from Xi Jinping 🇫🇷
  • S&P 500 index remains above 5,000 points 📈
  • Technical Analysis of Bitcoin 📊


Check out the global economic factors worth following.

Weekly Highlights 📊

This is a week with few macroeconomic indicators. These indicators are important for understanding a country's economic health and guiding investment decisions, including in the cryptocurrency market.

These indicators offer a comprehensive view of the economy, covering metrics such as:

-Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 📈 -Unemployment rate 💼 -Inflation 📊 -Industrial production 🏭 -Trade balance 📊

Based on these measures, analysts and policymakers can understand if an economy is growing, in recession, or stagnant, as well as anticipate future trends.

Therefore, they also have an impact on the cryptocurrency market. For example, if they indicate rising inflation or economic instability in a country, investors may seek refuge in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, considered by some as a store of value.

Moreover, these indicators influence the sentiment of the crypto market as a whole. A globally optimistic economic environment can increase investors' willingness to take risks, benefiting the cryptocurrency market.

But what are the main indicators of the week? Check out:

  • 07/05 - German Trade Balance 🇩🇪
  • 09/05 - Chinese Trade Balance 🇨🇳
  • 09/05 - Bank of England Interest Rate ⚖️

Hamas Accepts Ceasefire in Gaza 🕊️

On Monday (6), a new chapter in the conflict between Palestine and Israel unfolded, with Hamas accepting a ceasefire proposal for the Gaza Strip. However, this proposal differs from the one elaborated by Israel in conjunction with Egypt, according to Israeli and US sources.

Macron Seeks Trade Concessions from Xi Jinping 🇫🇷

French President Emmanuel Macron will receive Chinese President Xi Jinping in the Pyrenees on Tuesday. This is the second day of the trip, during which the Chinese leader showed few signs of openness to major concessions on trade and foreign policy.

**[S&P 500 Index Remains Above 5,000 Points](

) 📈**

As anticipated two weeks ago, the S&P 500 index demonstrated resilience, closing above 5,060 points, driven by the exuberance generated by Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell's comments, which ruled out interest rate hikes, as well as positive data released last Friday.

The dovish comments from the Fed president and a smaller-than-expected job growth for April dissipated concerns that the Fed might raise interest rates. Show Less

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