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📈🇺🇸 The month of April starts with a positive outlook for the American markets, beginning with the Business Confidence, which brings for the first time in 19 months, an economic expansion on the horizon for American entrepreneurs. The data is well-received by market players and converges with the positive values of the Chinese Industry, which had almost a year without expansion. However, there is still a possibility of a shadow of Covid, which after almost two years of supply chain regulation, caused entrepreneurs to leave their stocks piled up throughout 2023, resulting in a temporary expansion in entrepreneurs' demand, affecting the reliability of this well-known leading indicator.

📊 Other important events include the Services Index, payroll, and the speech that Jerome Powell is expected to give on the third day. An elucidation is awaited on his recent remarks last Friday about wanting to reduce interest rates, which are beneficial to the market, but resisting due to inflation showing resilience, and consequently, they expect data to show a change in this trajectory.

🌍 Meanwhile, in the Eurozone, French and Italian inflation remains close to the 2% annual target; In Germany, retail suffers a 1.9% reduction in activity, and in the United Kingdom, quarterly GDP confirms economic recession. Within the European Central Bank (ECB), the discussion about cutting interest rates heats up and divides opinions, while some expect a reduction to 3.5% by the end of the year, there is indication of a cut in June, nevertheless, the average remains neutral.

📉 Despite the SPX remaining at high levels, market makers' exposure continues without peaks (in red), which predominate in the vicinity of an absolute top. Show Less


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