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Introduction Massa Labs ($MAS) is one of the most exciting blockdag projects, complete with all the elements and resources to be a leading contender in the entire space. Lookout, Kaspians! I’ve been following Massa since before their mainnet launch, and they have proven time and time again to be the real deal.

Architecture Massa’s approach, the “Blockclique” is a successfully tested approach to “scale blockchains through transaction sharding in a multithreaded block graph” (DAG) and is well described in this 12-page white paper:

In one sentence, they’ve claimed to have completely solved the “trilemma” and to have done so with interoperability, autonomous smart contracts, and full decentralization at the core. Their mainnet went live in January after 14 months of testnet, countless hackathons, partnership integrations, and award recognitions.

Funding Based in Geneva, Massa has been building using grants from the French government since 2018 and have since raised a private round of $6M with small ticket caps to effectively avoid the early emergence of whales and power grabs. The raise was seen to be the most well-distributed L1 round, in line with their vision of a truly decentralized network. 100 investors in 18 countries contributed to the round, notably among them BlueYard, Acecap, Numeus, and Ariane Capital. The public sale concluded in mid-February on Republic and reached over $3M. This was followed by a launchpad IDO sale on DAO Maker that raised another $600K.

Team The extremely impressive trio of co-founders can be read about here: Some sound bites include:

CEO Sébastien Forestier’s pioneering AI work on Robotic Curiosity was featured in Netflix’s “Babies” series, in an episode called “Movement.”

Damir’s Gold Medal at the IGEM contest in 2013 for a scientific research using genetically modified bacteria to depollute the Seine river.

Adrien’s numerous published journals from his research in Quantum Physics and ML:

They all hold PhD’s and are accomplished experts in their relative fields, who then came together to launch Massa and were awarded a laureate for their work by the French council of Higher Education.

Progress Update True decentralization has been a driving vision and philosophy of Massa, and it has been reflected in everything they do from how they have designed their network, all the way to how they’ve raised funds. It has been important for the network to be the most accessible to participate in, hence starting up a node or being part of the DAO has been made as easy as possible.

The progress update that inspired this post may seem dwarfed compared to all of the other information presented here, but its importance is not. The implementation of a decentralized DNS is a testament to the network’s security and resilience, striving to bring the “web” on-chain and unstoppable, uncensorable. It represents a big step that will eliminate front-end attack vectors, shutting down hacks and exploits that have been suffered by huge names in our industry such as Curve, Balancer, Kyber Network, and BadgerDAO.

Everything can be accessed through Massa Station, which provides on-chain web hosting, ensuring the same level of decentralization and security for dApp frontends as for smart contract backends. By moving the front-end on-chain, Massa Station eliminates the risks associated with DNS hijacking, code injection, and other front-end attacks, making it a game-changer in fortifying Web3 security.

And here’s a bonus for reading this update: Massa will be airdropping a free .massa domain to every Discord member, with a lottery starting on June 14th on the Discord channel #mns-airdrop. You’ll have until June 23rd to participate and then choose your domain with the help of our Massa Bot. Don’t miss your chance to secure your piece of the on-chain web!

Recap Let’s recap on a few highlights, taken from the public sale investment summary:

  • Innovative Layer 1: Scaling, security, decentralization, unique features.

  • Autonomous Smart Contracts open up new functionality, especially for DeFi.

  • DEX Innovation: Automated orders, decentralized frontend on Massa.

  • High Transaction Efficiency: Utilizes Blockclique and DAG multithreading.

  • Focused on Security: Recognized for resilience by CertiK.

  • Testnet Achievement: 8,000+ nodes (based on company data)

  • 70K wallets (based on company data), 100K Discord, 50K Twitter followers

Further reading I personally have strong conviction that this is a project that is not to be missed, and have decided to write this entry to reflect that belief. If this is your first exposure to Massa or if I have peaked your interest on it, I urge you to learn more by reading their Medium page here: or go ahead and get involved, join the network and participate in the community.

Disclaimer: I do not hold any $MAS nor am I affiliated with the project in any way. But I hope that’s about to change… I’ve long been planning on it!

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