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My first question to Metahero would be what does Metaverse mean to you? When I hear the term Metaverse I think of Virtual Reality, where users can immerse themselves in a digital realm open to limitless possibilities.

Over the last 12 years, I've been fascinated by AR/VR and how it can integrate with our daily lives to make it easier for tasks and activities, and now over the last few years with Blockchain technology, NFTs and the 'Metaverse', I'm seeing the development of AR/VR take a huge step forward.

Metahero is tackling 3 industries at once, Gaming, Ecommerce and Healthcare.

Gaming: "Imagine being able to play as yourself in your favorite video games. With MetaHero, this is now possible. Simply scan your body using our scanning device, and then use your avatar in your favorite games." - Metahero

The idea of being able to scan myself into one of my favourite games sounds pretty cool and I'm sure there are many gamers and e-sports gamers who would love a feature like this. A great example is a gamer called Ninja who has his own life-like avatar on the game Fortnite.

A few answers I would like to learn from Metahero is:

  1. Can the avatars be scanned into video games that are on traditional games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Mortal Kombat?
  2. Will Metahero create their own Sandbox, Metaverse environment or partner up with projects that already have?

Ecommerce: "Imagine being able to try on clothes from the comfort of your own home, or whilst on the go, all without having to leave the house or brave the crowds at a physical store." - Metahero

There are currently applications that have integrated AR technology into apps where users can wear items from the comfort of their homes, such as: SneakerKit, Goodstyle, Gucci, Converse, Adidas and more.

I do believe Metaverse eCommerce will be HUGE, as Nike and other big brands release their NFTs for users to wear in the Metaverse. Flexing will be like no other!

There are companies right now that allow users to enter space in the Metaverse and purchase items online and then get the physical items sent to their addresses. See here:

I just wonder if will they integrate AR style technology or just use scanned avatars to try on the clothes...

Healthcare: "With avatar scans, patients can have virtual physical therapy sessions with their therapist, who can guide them through exercises and movements that are customized to their unique body measurements and needs." - Metahero

From my prior research, there is great advantage in using Virtual Reality technology for training purposes in the healthcare industry. However when it comes to something like physiotherapy, I feel wearing the bulk of a VR headset can feel quite nauseating when you use it for too long. With things like this, I think its better for real life activities, where training future healthcare professionals would be more in tune.

Overall I do love the idea, I would just love to learn more about their real life use cases and/or if they have a whitepaper with more detailed information. Show Less


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