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My first question to Metahero would be what does Metaverse mean to you? When I hear the term Metaverse I think of Virtual Reality, where users can immerse themselves in a digital realm open to limitless possibilities. Show More

I've been interested in the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality space for over 10 years now and my first impression of Metahero is ITS COMING! Show More


Let me take on the role of being the critic and give Metahero its first negative rating. While I acknowledge that the current market conditions are influenced by fear, the signs for Metahero are undeniably negative. Show More

The inner nerd in me thinks this is one of those cool futuristic projects that edges humanity ever closer to the Stephen Spielberg film 'Ready Player 1'. Show More

I like the idea and would probably get one myself. But here are some concerns:

  1. Just saw this video on Unreal Engine 5 where they can create almost perfect replicas of a person with what looks like just a phone: Show More

My gf is going to get scanned in Vietnam today. A totally different project but same technology. Show More

I can be your hero baby. I can bridge the world from pain (o yeah).

Imagine a technology that connects the real and digital worlds through 3D scanning. Show More

So, what I'm about to explain is not progress about Metahero itself, but a convergence of what's happening in the market that may have massive implication for this project. Show More


Came back to see if my critism in the old "buy?" review on this $HERO project was legit back then.. it is. Show More


Despite significant progress and ongoing developments within the project, Metahero's price has remained relatively stagnant in a range between 0.01c and 0.003c for the past year after its initial impressive launch to around 0.25c. Show More


I thought a marketing review for Metahero was warranted due to its recent rebranding efforts and the complete overhaul of its website. Show More

I think the MetaHero project is super cool. They've found a way to create crazy realistic avatars of people using advanced 3D scans. Show More

This feels like Worldcoin, but a little less creepy.

Yeah, I get the attraction of having an exact replica of your body scanned into the metaverses. Show More

The answer is a clear negative.

  • From early 2023, the market is getting better but we dont see any recover in terms of price for HERO
  • besides, they lost the volume indicating a lack of demand for this project

Show More


Network: Bep20 (Binance Smart Chain) Public sale: The public sales for Metahero tokens were conducted on the PancakeSwap exchange. Show More


Metahero was originally the brainchild of Robert Gryn, he was the visionary who brought this project to life with an initial investment of $10 million from his personal funds. Show More


Have you ever wanted to ready-player one yourself? Well now you can make an ultra-HD scan of yourself, your real-world assets and move everything into the metaverse. Show More


Let's begin with the areas that need improvement. Metahero's Twitter presence could be more consistent, as they tend to post infrequently, sometimes with gaps of a few days. Show More

Okay, this idea is pretty cool: converting yourself into an actual 3D model usable in a variety of metaverse experiences, from e-commerce to healthcare to gaming. Show More


There is a lot that needs to be proven with this project on the fundamental side, but from a technical standpoint, this is a solid buy. Show More

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