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So, what I'm about to explain is not progress about Metahero itself, but a convergence of what's happening in the market that may have massive implication for this project.

The Apple Vision Pro (AVP) released a video showing what their technologies will do... it's pretty sexy. No one is gonna go around town with those glasses and at the $4K price, it's not likely to have mass appeal for the moment, however, the AVP tech assuming sells a million unit would highly benefit from MetaHero 3D scanning technologies because now people can represent themselves (avatar) in the digital world. The AVP has facial scanning technologies (including facial expression), but ideally you'd want to combine it with a photorealistic 3d scan of your actual face and ideally the rest of your body, so that you can represent yourself in high quality in the digital world.

Obviously, there is no need for blockchain technology here, so the opportunity is having these 3D photorealistic scanning location across the world, regardless if it's centralized or decentralized.

I believe we may see an uptick for certain metaverse related projects, probably not all, but at least some. I'm confident Decentraland and Sandbox will not actually benefit from the AVP release, because at $4K it won't be 12 years old kids, it will be 45 years old tech adopters that have a bit more discerning taste than the highly pixelated metaverse crap out there. I think Metahero with the photorealistic scanning could be a strong benefiter. BTW my gf and I went to get scanned last week in Vietnam by an entrepreneur that has been working for the past 10 years on this 4D scanning tech. He has an impressive studio, anyway, Metahero are not the only one doing this.

Here's a link to the actual video, the quality is a lot better in the original file. Show Less


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