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Metahero was originally the brainchild of Robert Gryn, he was the visionary who brought this project to life with an initial investment of $10 million from his personal funds. Although his LinkedIn and Twitter accounts now appear to be deactivated, several insightful articles describe him as the 'Polish Elon Musk,' given his remarkable achievements. In 2018, he earned the title of Poland's youngest self-made millionaire and secured the 56th spot on Forbes' 100 Poles Richlist. Now we can see why dropping $10 million of his own money was not too much of a hurdle for Robert. He is a serial entrepreneur who spent a decade building super successful European Marketing company, Codewise. He is now is in Dubai delving into the Metaverse world, founding project’s Metahero and Everdome.

About a year ago Robert Gryn made a strategic choice to relinquish his role as CEO of Metahero and entrusted the day-to-day operations and project management to Maruz Krol, CEO of Wolf Digital World, the partnering company of Metahero. This decision was motivated by the fact that Wolf Digital World specializes in constructing the necessary 3D scanning technology and life-size physical chambers required for the Metahero project. Robert cited ‘technology is now the key driver to the future success of Metahero’, hence the collaboration with Wolf Digital World to drive the project forward according to its roadmap.

I am confident in Robert’s decision to hand over his day to day leadership to Mariusz, Robert is a visionary and has already proved he is a great leader in the past and great leaders are very good at delegating. He already has his hands full with the Everdome project so it makes sense now Metahero is up and running and is now completely focused on the technology aspect towards the project that he hands it over to leader of the partnering company who are in charge of this side of the project. Mariusz, with his nearly 10 years of experience in this field and the success of his company, brings valuable expertise to the table.

This move in my opinion should streamline communication and project management, resulting in a more efficient workflow. By empowering Mariusz to lead, Robert can dedicate more time to Everdome, while providing his input on significant decisions relating to Metahero. Things seem to being going well in the first year of Metahero’s leadership hand over with live 3D scanning chambers now set up in Qatar, Warsaw, and Zurich and a successful re-brand of the project. Show Less

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