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Mina is the world's lightest blockchain using zero-knowledge technology, created in 2017.


  • Smart contracts powered by zero knowledge Mina is a privacy-focused and secure blockchain that utilizes zero-knowledge technology to power smart contract applications (zkApps) in a small, lightweight network.

  • Privacy-Preserving Advantages of using zkApps: Interaction through proofs instead of data sharing, increased privacy and security for users, reduced burden on developers to host and protect data.

  • Accessible from other chains and devices Accessible from other chains and devices Mina's succinct proof allows for accessibility from other chains and end-user devices, with the zkBridge enabling Ethereum dapps to benefit from Mina's properties.

  • Data-Interoperable Mina's zkOracles bring real-world data from any website on-chain for dapp building without trusted oracles or integrations.

  • Typescript-based Build zkApps on Mina using SnarkyJS (Typescript-based library) for easy zero-knowledge proof utilization.

Breaking the gap between Crypto and the Real World:

  • end-to-end data privacy, from online to on-chain Mina's zero-knowledge technology allows users to securely access on-chain services without revealing sensitive personal information. (They use Mina to prove their data, such as credit score, to service providers)

  • permissionless web oracles Snapps allow developers to access and use verified data from websites for dapp building, through Mina's zkOracles, without the need for trusted oracles or website integrations. Only relevant proofs are shared for sensitive data protection.

  • one private internet login Users can access websites privately with Mina, without giving up personal data. They can securely log in to any service without being blocked by a centralized provider. Developers can integrate this secure option into their dapps.

From what I understand, the so-called "small fixed-size blockchain" that is being promoted is actually the zk Snark proof for the current state of the blockchain. The miners (block producers) and snark verifiers hold the complete state of the blockchain. The proof resulting from this network is what's touted as the blockchain. In my opinion, this seems like a deliberate attempt to mislead, as the concept of a "fixed-size blockchain" directly contradicts the well-known fact that you cannot store increasingly larger amounts of state information in a limited amount of space without sacrificing some degree of information. The tech in general is cool, but might be passed opportunity.

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