Lightweight blockchain, using zero knowledge technology

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A contender for best in class in my opinion. They make a fantastic effort to explain their technology and have a historical transactions chart. More

Apart from a really great technological solution - the lightest blockchain using zk-SNARKs - Mina Protocol has well-designed tokenomics as an average legit new blockchain but with some concerns from my perspective. More

Let's get decentralized - For Us, By Us

Mina uses a proof-of-stake consensus to ensures an uncapped number of block producers, which gives rise to a decentralized network with open programmable currency. More

Mina is earth's lightest and smallest blockchain and relies on compressed proofs SNARKs, which enable the blockchain to maintain a compact size of just 22KB. More

The growing buzz around the ZK sector suggests that it will be a new trend in the near future, and I believe that most projects using this technology can experience growth in the coming years. More

Mina claims to be the world’s lightest blockchain, powered by participants at Only 22kb!! More

Mina is the world's lightest blockchain using zero-knowledge technology, created in 2017. More

The Mina community has a large following for a little 22KB blockchain.

Based on the various social media platforms, the community is quite active. More



Very well-storified website, very well organized and structured content, easy to understand analogies that WEB 3 community can relate to. More

In my opinion, the more types of specialized nodes you need, the greater the potential for failure. More

Big fan of Mina Protocol!

The world's lightest blockchain will make a huge splash in the next bull run with multiple start-ups looking to build on this lightning fast blockchain that's powered by Zero Knowledge. More

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