Promoting Shariah compliant project in WEB 3 is one of the toughest challenges, and yet every risk/danger entails an opportunity, MRHD DeFi taps into 3 trillion dollar Islamic Finance: (Blue Ocean opportunity)

The audacity to build ecosystem and developing narrative of ethics in Crypto is admirable, but how realistic?

Ecosystem describes the significance and scale of the ecosystem split into two phases encapsulating 9 products making it one stop solution primarily targeting Islamic region that has in depth understanding of Shariah.

By far i have not seen direct infrastructure project that could claim to compete, however there are those that choose specific industry and focus on their target audience accordingly, i.e. DeFi, NFT, and so on.

Team is quite international, well experienced and crypto native professionals, advisors also include prominent Islamic scholars and approved by several Islamic institutions for their contribution in the industry. Show Less

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